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About Skyline Insurance 


Skyline Services is a professional organization dedicated to providing the best insurance protection at the most reasonable price to as many people as possible. TO PROVIDE the best possible educated and knowledgeable personal service to keep them as long term, satisfied customers.

  1. TO MAINTAIN a professional and efficient work environment which helps each person to achieve his or her personal goals.
  2. TO DEAL with the public fairly and honestly and to be a respected member of the community.
  3. To keep YOU in business and profitable whether you are a client or potential client.


Skyline Services was founded by John Anthony Sykas in 1988. From our beginning in the Little Meadows 3 room apartment we have enjoyed a steady growth over the years and have become recognized as one of the leading agencies in a two State, four County area. We have earned our reputation for professionalism due to the special attention given to the needs, requirements, and details of our clients. Skyline Services is licensed in New York & Pennsylvania as a property & casualty broker and agent and also in both States as a life, accident & health agent. Skyline represents the top insurance carriers in both of these fields.


An insurance agency is a service-oriented entity who represents one or more insurance companies, for which it sells insurance policies (written contracts between individuals and companies, providing protection against the possibility of loss).The amount paid by the insured (person who is protected by insurance) is called the premium. The insurance agent or member of the agency staff generally completes an application containing information on the insured, which then is submitted to an insurance company for approval. The company, in turn, issues a policy, which lists what is covered by insurance and what is not covered (exclusions), provided the insured complies with certain conditions outlined in the policy. The insurance agent is responsible for the collection of the premium, except when the premium is billed directly by the insurance company (this is called direct billing). The insurance agency receives a percentage of the premium (commission) as pay for his or her services. When the insurance agent is responsible for collecting the premium, the agent must retain the commission percentage and is responsible to forward the remaining premium to the insurance company.


Skyline Services, Inc. operates as a PA S Corporation. Skyline Services is a trade name operating as a Sole Proprietorship under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Both names are duly registered with the Corporation Bureau of Pennsylvania.


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