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The Hartford Brews Up Specialized Insurance Protection

Insuring One of the Nation's Oldest Traditional Businesses

Since colonial times, America's craft brewers and brewpubs have held their position as one of the earliest forms of independent business. So it seems fitting that The Hartford, one of the country's oldest and most solid insurance leaders, should partner with Whalen Insurance, an acknowledged expert in the craft brewery industry, to offer an insurance program with what may be the most comprehensive set of coverages available to the microbrewery industry today.

According to the Brewers Association, craft beer accounted for four percent of the U.S. beer market in 2008, which offers a great marketing opportunity. "Craft brewing" is usually associated with independent local or regional breweries that produce small batches of specialty and traditional beers. Their unique flavors and packaging set these beers apart from the mass-produced products from the brewing giants. The Hartford's Craft Brewery program has been specifically designed for breweries and brewpubs that make their own beer – but may also have both restaurant and manufacturing operations. Not only does the Craft Brewery program address all the property, general liability, commercial auto and workers' compensation (WC) exposures which craft brewers face, but it also includes coverages that meet the specialized needs of this niche market.

Key Coverage Features

Based on industry expertise, the program offers solutions for unique loss exposures. For example, in the case of a brewer's equipment breakdown, the program's equipment breakdown form doesn't end the business interruption benefits when the machinery is repaired, but only when the account's product is back on the market. Considering the length of time required by the brewing process, this continuing coverage could be crucial in helping an account stay in business. In addition, many other policies may not recognize a brewpub's additional exposure created by manufacturing beer. The Craft Brewery program automatically includes Liquor Liability coverage for microbreweries and brewpubs.

Coverage Solutions

This program includes coverage solutions of The Hartford's Property Choice®, GL Choice®, commercial auto and WC coverages. In addition to the important equipment breakdown coverage mentioned above, Property Choice automatically.


Craft Brewery Administered Program Agent Guide includes several other specialized coverages, such as:

• Spoilage resulting from equipment breakdown
• Damage caused by off-premises utility service interruption
• Property in transit

Specialized endorsements to Property Choice and General Liability Choice include coverage for:

• Crime – employee dishonesty, money/securities
• Food contamination
• Product recall – and resulting loss of business income

The Hartford's WC Broad Form used in this program contains coverage features such as extended cancellation notification.

Tap into the Market with Eligible Accounts

If you'd like to tap into this opportunity, qualify your prospects with the following eligibility guidelines. Accounts must:

• Brew their own beer
• Have liquor sales that do not exceed 50 percent of total sales (limitation for brewpub accounts only)
• Be in business for at least three years (or have equivalent management experience)
• Demonstrate an active concern for work quality and workplace safety
• Have minimal exposure involving special events, i.e. live music (except music that provides ambiance), dancing, happy  hours, etc.

The Companies Behind the Program

The Hartford is an insurance leader with a strong reputation for quality, strength and stability and offers a perfect solution for the complex exposures for the craft brewery industry. In addition, The Hartford is the nation's fifth largest workers' compensation provider and has offered workers' compensation coverage for more than 95 years. Since 1810, The Hartford has been trusted to deliver on its promises to pay claims.

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