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Life Insurance 

The new rider at no extra costs mimics Long Term Care Insurance. This is a big deal in planning for yoru future.

The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and itswholly owned subsidiary, Penn Insurance and Annuity Company, are pleased to announce the addition of a new living benefit rider to our permanent life insurance portfolio. The Chronic IllnessAccelerated Benefit is living benefit rider that will automatically be included with eligible, newly issued policies in approved states. The Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit offers an acceleration of the death benefit that can provide insureds and their families with a financial safety net if the insured is unable to perform two of the sixActivities of Daily Living. The money can be received income tax-free in most cases. The new benefit rider does not have to be used for nursing or in-home care or to pay extraordinary medical expenses. It adds to the importance of permanent life insurance as a source of emergency cash - a "fall-back"for the familywith limited alternatives -because itcan be used for any legitimate need, such as modifying a house to accommodate the needs of a chronically illinsured.

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